Permeable Paver Installation

Permeable pavers are a beautiful and environmentally friendly way to upgrade your outdoor space. Providing effective surface water management by allowing water to drain to the ground below, you can stress less about flooding, puddling and even the accumulation of ice in the winter. Permeable pavers can add additional functional space to your property by eliminating the need for a retention pond! Anchor Landscaping is at the forefront of this technology as one of Omaha’s only landscaping companies offering these systems.

Change the way your property handles surface water with Permeable Pavers

Step 1: Free Consultation

Schedule your obligation free consultation with our Anchor Landscaping permeable paver experts. We can access your property and discuss your paver needs to help you benefit from a permeable paver system that will look incredible and help manage excess water on your property.

Step 2: Custom Design

Receive and review the comprehensive plans for your permeable paver installation project. Your designer will work with you to adjust the project plan to meet all of your needs and achieve the perfect design aesthetic.

Step 3: Installation

Permeable paver installation. A project manager will be on-site daily offering direct communication throughout the entire process. With the use of our leading-edge PAVERMAX PRO, your project will be completed with incredible efficiency and an unmatched level of precision.

A beautiful solution for your water drainage needs

Omaha’s notoriously wet weather and extreme temperature variation leaves many commercial property owners, HOA’s and homeowners dealing with the stress of watershed and the need for retention ponds. Permeable pavers offer an ideal solution that allows excess water to percolate through the base material and eliminate the need for space wasting retention ponds. In fact, at Anchor Landscaping we installed the first permeable paver parking lot in Nebraska and have since helped dozens of property owners maximize their space with permeable paver hardscapes. One example is an Omaha storage facility that engaged Anchor to install a permeable paver parking lot. In doing so they were able to remove a sizable retention pond and build an additional storage building on the property. Though the permeable pavers were 25% more expensive than traditional concrete, when the facility was sold just a few years later, they saw an additional $250,000 in profit due to the added storage space. If you are looking for a solution for your water retention needs, allow us to help you design and execute a permeable paver installation that will add value and function to your property.

Your questions about Permeable Paver Installation answered

Check out these frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still need answers.

What is the difference between pavers and permeable pavers?
Permeable pavers allow water to soak through pavers down into the ground mitigating the need for retention ponds. They deliver the same beautiful look of traditional pavers and are a functional way to manage watershed. If you’re looking for form and function for your next paver project, we encourage you to seriously consider permeable pavers.
How deep do you dig for permeable pavers?
The base required for permeable pavers depends on the intended use. A parking lot requires a much deeper base than a patio. Only an experienced professional with a deep understanding of the nuances of permeable pavers will be able to determine just how deep your base will need to be.
Is permeable paving more expensive?
Yes, permeable pavers are more expensive than traditional pavers. However, they offer many benefits that may uncover savings in other areas including eliminating the need for a retention pond. These ponds require a lot of maintenance and can be mosquito sanctuaries! If you are considering a paved surface we encourage you to also look into permeable options.
How are permeable pavers installed?

To be installed properly, permeable pavers must be installed with proper equipment. At Anchor Roofing and Landscaping we are proud to be the first Omaha landscaper who installs permeable pavers with the industry leading PAVERMAX PRO. This cutting edge tool enables us to install pavers more efficiently and faster than virtually anyone else. If you’re looking to install permeable pavers the right way and ensure they will last for years to come, look no further. Book your consultation today.